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Top Six Ways To Aging Skin and Wrinkles

Top Six Ways To Aging Skin and Wrinkles

Did you know we have THREE different ages?

* Chronological age – the number of years since your birth.

* Biological age – How ‘old’ are your body systems? Do you have the heart of a young person? or is your cardiovascular system stiff and laboring like someone much older than your chronological age?  What of your brain? Is it quick and nimble. Is your memory fast and sure? Or is your brain like that of someone much older than your chronological age?

* Psychological age – how old do you feel? Some fifty year olds feel like 70 and others in their late 80’s feel like they are 60. There are things you can do to change your psychological age Research now shows that psychological age can affect biological age and even your chronological age.

While there are many conflicting studies and reports on what makes us age, how we age and what genes or other factors encourage or restrict our aging process, most everyone agrees on a handful of bad lifestyle habits being the  predominate contributor to aging overall. If you want to look and feel old before your time these are the things you should do.


1. Smoke or chew tobacco.

2. Get as many sunburns or wind burns as possible. Do not use sunscreen or use only those with a SPF below 15.

3. Take a lot of long baths, showers, lie in a hot tub or do other things to expose your skin to water.

4. Live in a very dry climate or keep the humidity in your home very low.

5. Avoid exercise.

6. Eat a ‘fast food diet’ or one with lots of highly processed foods. Avoid fresh fruits and vegetables.

Obviously, these aren’t the POSITIVE side of aging tips. But hopefully they will open your eyes to the realities of
what you do to your body everyday if you practice these bad habits and the ways you can avoid looking and feeling
older. NOT doing any of the 6 items listed above will helps tremendously!

Check out the rest of the site for ways you can HELP your skin look younger.

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