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How to Get Rid of Wrinkles?

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles?

The campaign against age lines, crinkles and wrinkles is not new. In fact, it dates back to medieval times. In those days women used to drench their faces in bat’s blood. It was considered that by doing a ghastly thing as this helps to keep wrinkles away. So, you see wrinkles are despised since ages.

Those who develop age lines don’t care a damn about the whole aging process and what actually causes wrinkles to form. All they are concerned with is how to get rid of them.

Many people hold that wrinkles are caused by genetic factors. Yes, genetic factors do cause wrinkles but this is not the only cause. More prominently, wrinkles are caused by sun exposure, intense gesticulation, intense intake of alcohol, stress and dehydration.

Treating wrinkles- Different people swear by different anti wrinkle products. Whatever product you choose, pay a patient look to the ingredients. An anti wrinkle cream has to have treinoin, AHAs, vitamin E, glycolic acid, fruit oxidants and other such effective ingredients.

The prevention part is rather easy. Protection from direct sun not only reduces the risk of developing pre mature wrinkles but also considerably reduces the chance of falling into the clutches of skin cancer. The person however must be able to distinguish between adequate sunlight and excessive sunlight. A person may cover his/her face while going out in the sun as it is direct sunlight that is bad not sunlight as it is. Also, you must keep your skin hydrated, facial skin especially.

Wrinkles, they say are caused by frowning as well (hence the name ‘frown lines’. So, you better chill out, play cool and keep yourself stress-free. Stop frowning at least for the sake of your skin, at least!

The last point is not to make hoo-ha about the whole thing. Do not worry yourself sick over it.

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