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Anti-Aging Tips for Neck Hands and Chest

Anti-Aging Tips for Neck Hands and Chest

When it comes to anti-aging skincare, most women automatically focus on the facial area, spending thousands of dollars on crèmes, masks, and other products that promise to combat signs of aging. We spend hours in front of the mirror and thousands of dollars on products that promise to hide wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots on our face, however, many of us pay little or no attention to the neck, hand and chest areas. The skin around these areas are as delicate as the face, and they are just as susceptible to symptoms of aging. Skin, regardless of where it is on the body, needs equal protection from the sun and other pollutants. Fortunately, there are simple and easy steps for skincare from the neck down.

Neck and Chest

Products that are good for the face are equally good for the neck and chest.Without proper care, the skin on the neck and chest areas can be wrinkly, blotchy, and show age spots, which can contradict the illusion of young, firm facial skin created by makeup.The simplest, easiest way to care for the neck and chest areas is to moisturize, and fortunately, you do not need to purchase a separate moisturizer.Most daily facial moisturizers work just as well on the neck/chest area, especially those that contain natural herbal products such as Vitamin A and E, rosemary, and lavender.Vivoderm’s intense moisturizer is made with both the face and neck in mind, and it is infused with all-natural ingredients to give all three areas a healthy glow.In addition to daily moisturizing, exfoliation is also very effective in fighting signs of aging on the neck and chest areas, since it removes dead layers of outer skin to make room for younger, healthier skin.Use a gentle exfoliant, since the skin is most tender and delicate around these areas.Finally, remember to apply sunscreen every day.A moisturizer that also contains sun protection is perfect for daily use on the neck and chest areas.


Most people can guess a woman’s true age by looking at her hands.Getting weekly manicures may be a great way to pamper yourself, but it’s not enough to keep the skin on your hands young and healthy.Since we wash our hands several times a day, harsh soap can strip the hands of essential oils that are vital for healthy skin.Use a gentle soap to help maintain the proper pH balance for your skin.In addition, use a hand cream often to fight off dry, flaky skin. Try keeping a small bottle in your purse or at your desk to remind yourself to use it daily and often.As with everything, prevention is the best solution.Break habits that are bad for your hands, such as picking at the cuticles and washing dishes without gloves.Cuticles protect your fingers from infections, and excessively picking at them can make them bleed and look unsightly.Dishwashing soaps are alkaline (basic), extremely harsh on the skin and can cause the skin on the hands to age prematurely.Wearing gloves every time you wash the dishes is a simple, easy way to protect your hands.

So the next time you prepare your face for the day, or wash your skin at night – remember that just like the face, the skin on the neck, chest and hands are exposed to external elements 24/7, and need just as much care.

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